TOOLBOX Regional Training ~ June 19, 2017

The TOOLBOX Training prepares you to implement TOOLBOX across all contexts (i.e., embedded in teaching practices, out-of-class time, positive behavioral supports, and home connections). The training focuses on using the 12 Tools as strategies/skills (for children and adults) which help build resilience, self-mastery (self-management), and empathy for self and others. Topics include: introduction to TOOLBOX, the 12 Tools, TOOLBOX pedagogy, common language, implementation, and use of the curriculum lesson plans.

For: educators, counselors, homeschoolers, parents, and school teams

Training Date: June 19, 2017 
Location: Petaluma, California – IONS Retreat Center
Lodging: TBA


  • 8:30 am registration opens
  • 9:00 am – 4:00 pm workshop (12:30-1:00 lunch)

Cost: $325 for the 6-hour in-person training. Price includes:

  • Lunch
  • Coffee & tea for the day
  • TOOLBOX Primer: A guide for educators and others to become familiar with TOOLBOX™, the 12 Tools, and supporting pedagogy. Instruction is provided on how to introduce each of the 12 Tools and apply them on a daily basis, with classroom practices and supporting pedagogy.

Cancellation policy: Dovetail Learning, Inc must be notified before June 1, 2017 for a refund.